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Suburb of Hell

"There goes one of God's own prototypes, some highpowered mutant not considered for mass production, too weird to live... to rare to die ..."


(senceless negative comments will be deleted)

HELPFUL REMINDER: If your not sure what a critigue is, thats okay. Its posting a comment about something you like about the painting. Your something you don't like about the painting that you think could be improved. Be sure to explain what it is you like or don't like so I know what you mean. Try and stay away from one word statements like "wow thats (cool, beautiful, amazing, sucky, lame exexex)". as these things arnt critigues and don't help me at all. I do appreciate that you like or dislike my art, but just saying its beautiful or ugly isn't going to help me.

Examples of what I'm looking for: Most importantly tell me how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel sad? lonely? happy? scared? As most of my art is emotionally based thats what I want to know. Do you like the color choices? Positioning? does it remind you of something? do you think the person or thing is out of shape or perportion? Why do you think its beautiful or ugly if you think so? I'm looking for the WHYS.

This is a work in progress journal. I do post paintings and other work that isnt finished just to warn everyone.

I am an artist. Art is my one true love. Everything in my life revolves around my art (http://www.marikay4.com). I love music ranging from Pink Floyd to Mars Volta and anywhere in between excepting most country and rap(but I do listen to some). Fave band right now is a local band A Poor Substitute. You can find them here:(http://www.myspace.com/apoorsubstitute). If your looking for me, you can find me at their shows, art class, at local coffee shop, The daily Grind with friends or most likely making wild passionate love to one of my canvas's.

Whom I'd like to meet:Other Artists,
anyone who isnt a carbon copy, musicans, bohemians, anyone who appreciates art, revolutionarys, and other folk like that.

Oh and the taco bender from down on the corner. he seemed pretty cool...

a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, a poor substitute, absinthe, acting, afi, anarchy, anatomy, andy worhal, ani difranco, anthony hopkins, anthropology, anti-gmo, anti-men, anti-rape, anton lavey, anubis, as you like it, at the drive-in, bad religion, banishing éomer, bibles, bisexuality, botticelli, brad dourif, buddha, buddhism, catcher in the rye, cemeteries, charles lee ray, city of caterpillar, claude monet, converge, corpses, costume design, cyrano de bergerac, dalai lama, dante, death machine, degas, donnie darko, dr. gediman, dylan thomas, ed gein, edgar allen poe, edoras, emily dickenson, emo, eowyn, evil dolls, exorcist 3, father tyrone, fear and loathing, feminism, fight club, final judgement, flattop, french history, frida kahlo, friedrich nietzsche, frock coats, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, gary oldman, gir, gonzo, grima, grima wormtongue, h.r. giger, hankies, hannibal lecter, hazel motes, hinduism, homosexuality, hunter s thompson, impressionism, invader zim, iron maiden, j.r.r tolkien, jack dante, jack the ripper, james venamun, jean paul sartre, jekyll and hyde, john milton, john wayne gacy, jthm, kafka, krishna, lord of the rings, love equals death, loves labours lost, macabre, machiavelli, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, marquis de sade, mars volta, medea, michelangelo, midsummers nights dream, mind the gap, morticians, nail bunny, organic, oscar wilde, palantir, paridise lost, peta, phantom of the opera, pink floyd, piter de vries, plato, pogo, punk boys, quills, rapheal, recycle, renoir, rent, rocky votolato, salvidor dali, saruman, serial killers, shieldmaidens, sigur ros, soy, sparta, spontaneous combustion, tennyson, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the gemini killer, the golden hall, thomas harris, titus andronicus, vegan, vegetarian, vincent van gogh, vivaldi, voltaire, william faukner, william shakespeare, willy wonka, wingtips, wormtongue, zoot suits.