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Alright Boys and Girls... (Okay well more for the ladies)

Posted on 2007.02.28 at 14:06
Current Mood: jubilantcreative but nervous

So, My painting Project this semester is going to be a bit different... 

I've decided to paint all the beautiful women I know and love. Okay well not all of them because theres way too many of you, but a select few of you based on artistic reasons more than who I love more or not. Its also not based on whos more beautiful as you are all beautiful. Its been hard deciding who to paint but theres only so many paintings I can do in one semester.  I blame the whole project on Desi who is the first of the girls to be painted. She's basicly started the series and I'm just going to go from there. Some of you I have photos already that I want to base the paintings after. some of you however, I have photos of but they arnt the best photos. I'm really short on time so I can't ask for professional photoshoot kind of things from you guys but if you have other photos that you think would work better than the ones I have, or can take one in in a day or two, then that would be really kickass. I know a girl or two I'd like to add but I don't have a good photo of them at all. :(

Also, If You see your photo in the finalist pile and you do not wish to be painted, let me know and I will remove you from the list. I'll put the pictures under a cut for load time as well as privacy of those who mite not like their picture exposed to the net/world. 

Here are the finalists in my painting project....Collapse )

So thats the list. I'm open for comments. esp from the ladies themselfs, esp those who mite be able to re-pose for me. 

Well I have to go buy more canvas, lol....  so many beautiful ladies... and not enough time to paint you all. 

that makes me sad. 




Stuff for Harliquin-Elf

Posted on 2007.02.22 at 13:34
Current Mood: excitedexcited

Here are the patterns I got for myself, Harliquin-Elf, her sister Inkibus and Doc-Holiday if she so wants them. Any one else who mite want a copy let me know. I've been putting off getting them for some time because I felt it was a waste for me to do so but with the idea of getting them for all of us, it seemed worth it. The patterns themselves arnt great so I'll make amendments and copies for everyone. 

I fully plan as well to put together a skirt pattern for Harliquin, and finish my frock-coat pattern for Doc-Holiday. 

And of corse putting together the wirebustles. I'll keep everyone updated on how all the details. 

I promise to get all my projects in order and start posting stuff regularly. Things have just been in such a state of muddle at the moment.

I shall return shortly!


EDIT:woops forgive the size of the photo. if its too large for your friends list, just tell me and I'll fix it



Posted on 2007.02.16 at 07:02
Current Mood: determined

Parts WANTED! Help! READ ME!


So yeah, My dad and I are building a custom wheelchair for me for school and for travel. I decided as I know I have a few friends who have had mobility issues or have worked in a feild where things mite be found, I'm asking you guys.

I need spare wheelchair parts. Castors, Brakes, Wheels, axels, you name it I probably need it. I have some spare parts already but not quite what I want. So I'm on the hunt for parts. If your willing to donate them, great, Id appreciate it. If your willing to part for them for a small fee, then thats cool too. But I can't afford large sums obviously or I'd not be asking for the help.

So yeah. Any kind of wheelchair or even spare bike,walker parts, I'm interested in seeing. One brake or what not I don't have to hunt down and buy would be a serious blessing!

Thanks so much for your help!

Wheely McLimperton


Can't forget my other friends!

Posted on 2007.02.14 at 17:00

I made this Grima Valentines for all of you! My friends, family, loved ones. Everyone I care about. The only way to battle Valentines is to beat it from with in. instead of posting something for just a signifigant other or love interest, I think its much better to make something for everyone. So there. You all have at least one Valentine, curiousy of Me, And Grimawormtongue.com

Sorry for the x-post to those of you on both journals!


Its been a while...

Posted on 2007.02.12 at 06:08
Current Mood: crankycranky
Just a quick post of my Sticks and stones project for my 3d design class. I thought Evey mite want to see how it came out, seeing how she helped me make it. She helped me paint the stones and the placement of the sticks. I'm pretty happy with it really despite a few changes that had to be made that wernt in the orginal plan. A work of art always has a life of its own and does what it wants to in the end. 

Thank you Evey for helping me with project. I'm excited for my teacher to see the finish verson. Shes seen pictures of it in progress but not the final piece. I promise to get more angles of it when I have a better place to photo it than my door. Just for refferance when viewing it, I had to make it look like RYTHEM. So yeah, see if you can see that in there somewhere. :) I promise lots more work to come!


Performance Art

Posted on 2006.12.08 at 23:14
Current Mood: productive
Okay if you've been reading my other journal you know I had a Performance art presentation on Thursday. The basic Jist of it was a presentation about Jackson Pollock. I found this video of Jackson Pollock explaining some of his work why he was painting. I thought it was pretty damn cool. I was thinking about my paint skirts I've been making out of Skirts I accidentally get paint on. They are very much in a Pollock kind of vein. And When I did them I got a real sence of what he was going because you think it looks easy and its all random but its really not. He knows exactly what to do with the paint and how. And I don't think you can really grasp that till you actually do it. The presentation had to be colaborative so I got this idea of what if the class helped me make one of my drip paintings. Then it went from thinking about that to what if I was waring the skirt when they did it? And then I realised just a skirt wouldn't do so I thought to make an intire dress so they could paint every bit of me.

Its an interesting Idea for lots of reasons. One being that I'm a control freak about my art and Pollock was talking about how art is the controled uncontroable. He could control some aspects of the work but some things he couldnt. He also believed nothing was an accident it all when were it was suposed to. I got really excited about the idea when I read about him being into the Mexican Muralists(Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera exex) as well as the Indian sand paintings of the southwest. I tried to talk seriously about it for a moment as they were working but it didnt work out too well and I think I sound stupid. Its the only part I'm not happy with.

But thats kind of the point. I couldnt control how they were going to paint. All I could control is what colors I gave them, and what the canvas was(ie me).

Here is the Pollock Video, as well as one short clip of my performance art, and a longer video clip of the performance. I'm sorry if the quality is bad. Its not the camera its when they were uploaded they ended up not so good.

Videos this way!Collapse )
Wee fun stuff. I'm gonna go work on my coat now and hide from emberassment from the videos... 

not much to critique really cause its performance art and already done. but comments would be lovely....


Painting updates....

Posted on 2006.11.26 at 17:35
Current Location: studying modern art
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I've been pretty busy with stuff lately. I really enjoy life when I'm productive artisticly. What more could an artist want eh? I've gotten some really great compliments lately and thats also helped. I also feel like my work is getting somewhere which is great because I've felt kind of blocked up recently. It takes me a while to post some of this stuff too because I have to watermark everything because of the stupid Live Journal image grabber websites. It sucks.

Not that you care about any of that... You want pictures.. yes yes I know...  you have to click the cut for the pictures... 

More fun under the cut!Collapse )


Lots O' Art

Posted on 2006.11.24 at 13:47

OKay so I have lots of stuff to show everyone.... I worked my ass off on my coat pattern last night. Its not right yet. I'm having sleave problems but I think I know what I've done wrong so Its fixable. Lots of photos of the coat, of my gas mask Dollys I've been telling everyone about. Some of my paintings that are in progress at the moment. Just a quick run down of what I've been up to...

Under a cut because of large image files... Collapse )



Posted on 2006.11.18 at 12:47

Grrr I hate this.... 

I started painting on the new painting I had wanted to work on of Desi(Nazers girlfriend)and I fucked it all up on the first coat. I have to let it dry for a couple days before I can try and fix the mess. I can fix it, its just frustrating that it happened because I wanted to work on that painting really badly. I put it aside to dry and I've been working on touching up some of the other paintings. Managed to fuck up another one and I have to wait for that one to try to fix it too. Oh well the first coat on that one was crappy anyway so its not like I lost something amazing. I'm trying to work on medusa but the color isnt quite right so its frustrating. thats the problem with mixing colors. you can hardly ever get the same color back. its always a tiny bit off. 

So basicly I've acomplished nothing but making a mess so far.... I'm kind of scared to touch any of the other paintings just in case I fuck them up too... 

To be fair I'm fucking up because I keep trying new things trying to get used to the paint and experiment with different colors and stuff. And sometimes you learn more by fucking up than you do by getting shit right all the time. Like Maya and I were talking about. You have to know how to paint realisticly before you can choose not to. You have to know how to do things technicaly before you can choose as an artist how to do your work. Or your just working in ignorance and not choice. Monet for an example. He could paint beautiful realistic pictures. I've seen some of his sketches and stuff. But he choose not to paint like that for his own personal reasons. Not be cause he couldnt paint realisticly. The classic thing art students say to a teacher or someone in a critique is "Oh its suposed to be like that.... I did that on purpose...." when they really didnt they just dont like being told they didnt do something right. Sure rules are for braking sometimes but you have to know your braking a rule and explain why you broke it. 

I've been working really hard on my realism, trying to get my figures to look realistic. But its a fine line because I don't want them to look like photographs. I think that would take away from the emotional quality of the work. But I also don't want them to look like cartoons. Thats my major pet peve when people call my work 'cartoonie". So I'm tring to find a happy medium between super hyper realism and cartoonie where people don't look at anything except how it makes them feel. 

At least thats the goal. 

Well I better get back to this batch and see what I can salvage....



Something Beautiful...

Posted on 2006.11.11 at 14:07
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

If you read my other journal or Myspace you'll know I just read a book on Monet and I was really inspired. What inspired me the most was the monologue they put in the book of Monet explaining alittle how he paints. Something i've long wished I could figure out. Well desparate to do something and my still life was sitting there looking dismal from is second session I picked it up and spent the last 3 hours doing this....

Please remember oil paint when wet doesnt photograph real well.....

Not at all what I had planed for the piece but I'm rather impressed with it. I think it looks more VanGogh than Monet but I think thats because I love to be very thick when painting like this. Its what I'm really begining to love. Realism is kind of going to the wayside in me.

To give you and idea of how far this has come... I'm gonna post the first two progress pictures... going from current to the first layer of paint.

Heres the second coat I put on the canvas after I posted the first one and got some real postive critiques from people. Its hard to see and I had to boost the contast and stuff for you to even tell whats going on. You can see the differance in the next one. I moved the Jar and everything....

Theres the first one I showed you guys.... the one we all hated.... lets admit it... we all did. I hated it.... The vase was too in the middle. the composition sucked. the colors sucked.
So scroll up and look at this one compaired to what I just did. Big difference isnt it? I wish the vase was over a bit more but I think it works much better esp with the flowers to fill in the composition. I took out the glass balls that were in the photo. I'm not sure if I'll put them back in. its hard to make them fit with the composition. If anyone wants to see the photo I'm working from as well, let me know and I'll post it.

Anyway I'd really like some comments back on what everyone thinks of this. Its made me feel really good to just let the brush go and follow it for once.

Postive and Negative critiques welcome from anyone, not just LJ users. Just please leave your name so I know who you are. Thanks!

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