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real quick like....

Posted on 2007.12.06 at 16:50
 Here is a cute little Joker I did why working on larger Joker art work. I thought this little guy was cute and you mite enjoy getting to see him. I mite need to make a Harley one to match him. 

(Art work copyright to Marikay4, do not use without permisson)


More Sketches

Posted on 2007.10.29 at 18:45
 Heres some more Joker sketches... Mainly sketches of his head trying to work out some things in my minds eye. Some battles with his hair. I liked what I was getting in the final one. I do really want to do some paintings, some inked and colored ones. He's not the same unless he's in color. My teachers only rule for me this semester is that I use lots of color. I think we can do that. Hahahaha!

Okay heres the manditory cut for size and content. 

Warning! Large loading images of Killer clowns!Collapse )


Joker # one (more to come soon)

Posted on 2007.10.28 at 10:45
Those who have an eye on my personal journal know that I've gotten a serious fettish going on with the Joker right now. It's kick started my Artistic slump so I'm not complaining or arguing if hes not a real serious topic for art. I think it's sad that theres some serious beautiful art work done in "comic book" world. Esp when it comes to the Joker. Theres been some seriously awesome art of the Joker. Shit that drives me crazy its so awesome. I'm glad they have started been calling them "Graphic Novels" because "comic" just doesnt do them Justice at all. 

I don't plan to go into detail here on the whys or what not on why I'm interested in the Joker. Thats a personal thing I don't want to have to re-write all over again. But lets just say he turns my crank. It's the purple suit. I sware its the purple suit. I always fall for guys in Purple Zuit suits. 

Now like I told a friend who expressed consern about my new projects because they have a fear of Clowns, esp killer clowns I realise that some people could see the Joker as just a cown and I know I have friends and loved ones who are afraide of clowns of any kind, even the kinds that are suposedly "good. I promised with all Joker Art  Postings will be under a cut with a clear warning. I don't want to tramatise anyone reading their friends list on accident. 

Seeing how the next picture is rather large thats okay anyway. It's a sketch I've been working on, of my own idea and concept of the Joker. But because its a detailed sketch I had to make it a larger size so everything could be seen. So second warning out for people who have slow internet connections. 

I also have to warn there are image refferances that are violent in nature or post-humanous.(I decided not to post the refferance photos yet)

How ever, if your curious on my take on the Joker and the fun that insues from Evil Killer Clowns with a sense of humor, please check it out!

And enough words..... 

Joker Sketch inclosed. Large Evil Clown Files! Do not click if you are scared of clowns or large image files!Collapse )



Puppet Transformation

Posted on 2007.08.12 at 05:32
Current Mood: amusedamused

I truely apologize for the lack of posts lately. being sick has thrown me for a loop artisticly. everything got put on hold so I'm scrambling to finish older projects and to have a clean slate for school coming up. I want to be as clear and free of old projects as possible before I tackle a new semester. I'm itching to make all kinds of stuff so its really frustrating to be stuck several projects behind.

I'm looking around to see if I finished any projects I can show you. I finished grima dolly but I've been behind on finishing the tutorial pictures. I hope to post that soon. I know I also promised a skirt making tutorial ages ago and I do intend to do that too. When I make a new skirt I'll do it. It was just the color of the skirt I started the first tutorial was really bad for photos and you couldn't see what was going on.

I'm excited by the idea that some of the girls I know want to learn some sewing skills so were going to have a little sewing art meet up and I'm going to show them some basics. I enjoy being able to share the things I know with people. I hope some day when I'm teaching and all that and my health has improved I can do like siminar sewing gigs and things like that. I think it would be real fun. 

I'm itiching right now to make a corset but I know myself and I know I get bored with corsets when I dont have the right suplies on hand to do it when I want to do it. last one floped and I quit on it because i didnt have the right boning in the front. stupid I know. but Ive been pretty honest about the fact that I can make corsets but its not something I enjoy doing. They are just nessisary for my historical garments. 

I took the time to downsize some of my photos of the dolls in progress. Going from Puppets to dolls. I've put a lot of detail into them. bead work on their garments and stuff. Their almost done. I'll be really happy when they are done. 

Click me for detailed photos of puppets turning into dollies!Collapse )

 Thats it for now. sorry its not much. I promise to post more as soon as I have things taken care of!



Some late arivals....

Posted on 2007.07.22 at 18:27
Current Mood: amusedamused

My apologies for being away so long. Anyone who's kept up with my personal journal will know I've been very sick. But slowly things are picking up and several projects are almost done. So I thought i should post one of the projects that got Finished at the end of the semester I havent had time to show you guys. 

A project for my 3dementional art class. The guidelines to the project was I had to create ceramic peppers in my own style of choice to express my relationship with peppers. One girl in the class made a salsa and chip tray in the shape of a pepper. It was rather cool. 

However mine had to be different because I'm deathly alergic to Peppers. 

I think upon saying that the peppers are self explanitory why they look how they do. 

I have a few more projects from that class I need to post but I don't have them photoed yet. Expect a rather large flood of art projects in the near future as I tend to finish tons of stuff all at once. So much to create, so little time.

anywho, this will have to do for now. I'll post more soon!


Holy crap paintings?!

Posted on 2007.05.15 at 02:34
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
I managed to do about a half and hour to and hour work on two paintings.... jesus it hurt.... nothing I'm doing is turning out how I expect... 
I have no control over my art anymore.... I have no fucking clue where this one comes from besides feeling like I'm on fire...
I'm tempted to keep it mostly like this. Well I think I need to cover the top white corner. Im not sure. comments-seggestions welcome.

Second one is round 3 on the medicated Medusa. Basickly just adding black where there needed to be some. I think she needs one dark green round and a final light round and she mite be finished. Pretty close. I have several that fall under "pretty close"

I have to seriously consider working smaller. I dont have the strength for this size anymore. but at the same time working small is difficult because of my shakes and stuff. I guess this is how it goes. I struggle for a expresionistic  realism yet this is what I'm getting. This above picture. 

I think I have to fix her boosum. Its a little too big to be mine. lol. So round and perky for someone so sick. I want some serious detailtouch ups on the snakies. If I could just find the strength. 

remember I want something similar to this....(The impressionistic girl on the box. a painter from Finland I have not yet been able to get the name of)

If you saw it up close shes not perfectly smooth. you can see brush strokes but it doesnt mater. what is paint for if you cant see it on the canvas. 

EDIT: We found him! Albert Edelfelt, Finnish Painter from Joensuu.
Also, thank you to Steerpikes sister for noticing an serious error on my part.

anyone believe in rencarnation? because I have this obsession with thick paint like VanGogh.... who also used to suck on his brushes why he worked.... 


comments esp now would be great. 

I feel like my art is dieing. 

Dieing with me.


Friendly Notice.

Posted on 2007.05.08 at 11:03
Current Location: *snuggling puppets*
Current Mood: crankycranky

Greetings. Some of you may have noticed that my journal hasnt been real active lately. I apologize for that as its been finals week here at Uni. Art Finals can be a little precarious so I have a million art projects and nothing to really show you yet. Its very much how it goes I guess. I normally end up posting a bunch of art all at once. But I think that has to do with the fact that I'm always making so many things at once and they always seem to finish all at the same time. 

That said I also have to say that I'm very sick right now so its very difficult for me to do any work. Most people know I'm disabled and I have really bad health problems. Which I hope would explain some of my art work. 

Anyway I guess thats it. I'm going to post a stationary picture of my darling puppets because I love them so much and I'm really sad no one liked them. I plan to give them legs and make them full dollies. They deserve it. 

Agusta, Horace and BabyDoe. The little guy is unfinished and un-named. I wanted to make one of Oscar Wilde too but I ran out of time. So I mite do that now when I give them legs. I love my puppets and perhaps I'll post pictures of them when they are full dolls. On a Dolly related note, I found a yarn perfect for Lupin Dolly and I think I mite have an idea of how to finnally make him. We shall see what happens. 

I have the whole summer to finish projects and make new ones despite the time I'm going to bein Belgium for my friends Graduation. even then I'm always working on something.

I will post more soon, I promise!


Colorado Puppet Pals

Posted on 2007.05.03 at 18:35
Sorry for the repost for those ofyou who have both my journals. but heres the video I did for my class. I love these puppets. they are just so darn cute!!!

and now... after insane amounts of work ......

Colorado Puppet Pals.

Horace Tabor introduces us to Leadville Colorado and accidentally gets in the middle of a love triangle between his exwife and his current wife Babydoe. The classic love story that inspired the Ballad of BabyDoe Opera.

It may seem simple but it took alot of work to do this. Remember its a blatent SPoof of the Potter Puppet Pals.


Happyness Is a Warm Gun

Posted on 2007.03.21 at 23:32
Current Mood: crankycranky
Well I bet your expecting me to post some amazing art.....

pfft. nope. I'm posting this crap.....
I'm struggling right now both physically and emotionally and I'm having trouble finding a path to follow artisticly. I havent abandoned the Ladies I plan to paint but I'm having a hard time with other things too. 

Right now my health is so bad that if I can get up out of bed and do really anything its amazing. I'm struggling to get home work done for classes and take exams and everything so its like take it one accomplishment at a time. I was really shocked when I was able to sit down and paint at all let alone paint what I did. Its not one of my amazing pieces that I would hang in a gallery but I'm not a ball of pain on the kitchen floor crying like I was earlyer. 

Lovely intro huh? remember the normal things, I just painted it so the oil paint is still wet and giving you a glare. And remember that this is a larger canvas. about two feet to 3 feet. I think it looks better in person because of the scale.

I was inspired to title it "Happyness is a warm gun" 

And to explain that heres the other thing I made. Its been sitting in the "make me" pile for over a year and a half or more.... so I'm proud of  myself for getting up and getting it done. I've been also working on poor Monet doll whos been waiting for clothing for a very long time.

Not much to look at. But it kind of fits in to the reason I named the other one I did. 

Yeah. So thats it realy. Please forgive my grumpyness as I'm not feeling very well right now.

Your welcome to comment. doesnt mater to me. I already think it sucks so you can't hurt my feelings really... 

I need to lay back down.



Some people requested....

Posted on 2007.03.15 at 16:25
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
As I've been super busy with school and dealing with my health and all that fun stuff I don't have any full finished products to show yet but people have in the past asked to see some of the sketches from my netorious sketch book that comes with me everywhere. I'm not kidding its almost like a crutch. I'll sit there and sketch at punk shows, at doctor visits, you name it. 

Its almost a two year old book. I keep having to put pages in it. Some things I've pasted in from other sketch places. Its one of the books that gets turned in with my senior portfolio. I'm suposed to be doing sketches in the book for all my art classes. I try to. But 3d design is hard to capture sketching. 

OKay so I'm going to post a couple sketches. Please remember that they are not finished art pieces but mearly an image or impression of something going on. I tried not to touch them up too much in photoshop but I had to alittle so you could see them. I can post more of them later Theres a whole book full...

Theres a couple that I really like I want to scan in but they are a bit more complicated than these simple sketches.

I warn you that most of my sketch art is very graphic so if you have a weak sensability, I'm just letting you know.

bla bla bla... all that for some stupid sketches...

4 sketchesCollapse )

Well I only was able to scan 4 for now. I promis I'll scan in more as time goes bye. I should have some more art work for you guys soon. I have a whole bunch of dollies I want to start making. I don't have enough children yet. I came up with this really cool idea that I can't say what it is as its a pressie for someone on my friends list. 

OKay well thats it for now. Questions, comments or constructive critism welcome. Just remember there arnt intended to be "perfect".

I'll see you all later!

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