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Some people requested....

Posted on 2007.03.15 at 16:25
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As I've been super busy with school and dealing with my health and all that fun stuff I don't have any full finished products to show yet but people have in the past asked to see some of the sketches from my netorious sketch book that comes with me everywhere. I'm not kidding its almost like a crutch. I'll sit there and sketch at punk shows, at doctor visits, you name it. 

Its almost a two year old book. I keep having to put pages in it. Some things I've pasted in from other sketch places. Its one of the books that gets turned in with my senior portfolio. I'm suposed to be doing sketches in the book for all my art classes. I try to. But 3d design is hard to capture sketching. 

OKay so I'm going to post a couple sketches. Please remember that they are not finished art pieces but mearly an image or impression of something going on. I tried not to touch them up too much in photoshop but I had to alittle so you could see them. I can post more of them later Theres a whole book full...

Theres a couple that I really like I want to scan in but they are a bit more complicated than these simple sketches.

I warn you that most of my sketch art is very graphic so if you have a weak sensability, I'm just letting you know.

bla bla bla... all that for some stupid sketches...

Like i said, none of these are Finished peices of art, just ideas on the way to being finished works. I've painted many a sketch from my book to have it become something I'd consider Finished work.

A stylized Vishnu. I really like this guy and I'm afraid I mite end up making a painting or a doll out of him. I had a very hard time getting him dark enough so you could actually see some of his arms.

My endrogenist Krishna. Most of my sketches have long black hair and it goes back in forth in my head who the figure is. sometimes I think its me. Sometimes I think its someone else. Sometimes they turn into Hindu gods. 

I think this one could lean towards being a real painting. But not 100% sure on that. sometimes the sketchs themselves are too beautiful to ever convert to another medium.

Elizabeth Short frontal verson. Theres a couple from the side and all over in the sketch book. These were done right about the time I was tossed into the hospital. I don't know what it is but I can't ever stop sketching/painting her.I think shes one of the people who will always be a muse to me.

Speed of Pain. I'm not sure who this is exactly. I think its me but my hairs getting too long to really draw in. So it could be me. I kind of like that its endrogenous and that it could be anyone. you can relate more to the pain of the picture when the figure is not completely defined.

Well I only was able to scan 4 for now. I promis I'll scan in more as time goes bye. I should have some more art work for you guys soon. I have a whole bunch of dollies I want to start making. I don't have enough children yet. I came up with this really cool idea that I can't say what it is as its a pressie for someone on my friends list. 

OKay well thats it for now. Questions, comments or constructive critism welcome. Just remember there arnt intended to be "perfect".

I'll see you all later!


kakodaimon at 2007-03-15 23:07 (UTC) (Link)
Elizabeth Short! Squee! I wish there was more of her to see - or on second thought, that might be too much. The Elizabeth Short mouth seems to be a recurring image in your paintings, or at least a slashed mouth like that - is that where it comes from?
marikay4 at 2007-03-15 23:13 (UTC) (Link)
I actualy have several more sketches of her. I'll scan them in as soon as I can.

Yes your right that part of the reason I show the slashed mouth is because of her. Part of it is because of the pain in my head and my teeth problems.

90% of that I do, despite the muse I express my pain and life experiances onto the image. I have some paintings that I give up a body part to pain so its whats being distroyed in the picture. like my head, chest, stomach... so all I have is arms and legs... or well did...

I enjoy your comments. you always seem to understand some of the hidden messages in my work. And thats important to me

So Thank you.
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